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How to Find a Job in Europe

Finding a job can be a job in itself, and it is best to gather all the information you need about how to find a job in Europe. Depending on the country you want to work in, you will need to get your residence papers to work there. Research is imperative in a job hunt; an assessment of your skills and job goals is essential for employment in Europe.

Difficulty: Moderate

Check out online websites (see Resources below), or Career Builder and perform searches within your area of expertise. Post your resume online for employers to find you and create awareness about your job skills.
Visit the recruiting offices in your country of choice. There are some international recruitment offices around Europe such as Manpower and Kelly Services. Recruiting offices will be able to assess your skills and place you in a job that will match your skills.
Move close to any friends and ask new contacts if they know of any job opportunities. If you do not have any friends yet and no contacts either, then you can ask questions in online chat rooms or forums that focus around jobs overseas or European employment.
Visit local job banks and job assistance services within the city of your choice. There are always employment services available to you, and people are always willing to help you find a job that will suit your skills.
Collect European newspapers and overseas job classifieds. Many major newspapers such as the Guardian and Daily Telegraph will list overseas jobs in the back sections. Do your research and circle the jobs that apply to your experience.
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